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Wozhun is a professional marketing promotion and brand integration and innovative design company. We provide enterprises with cost-effective design services with perfect creativity and profound art skills, create perfect visual effects for enterprises and products, and improve market competitiveness.Our business covers: brand strategy planning, brand design, logo design, brochure design, environmental guidance, packaging section planning, promotional videos, UI interactive design, website construction, marketing promotion, etc.


Slogan:Wozhun brand power

Core concept:  Established a fine brand

Service tenet: Combine aesthetics and marketing to increase product sales for enterprises.

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  • 中关村768创意产业园
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  • 安盛天平
  • 神丹
  • 金博集团
  • 会融集团
  • 华视集团
  • 消费金融联盟
  • 中科和信
  • 设计汇
  • ZMQ
  • 致准
  • 海沛优智
  • 创业壹村
  • 神州融
  • 赢标
  • 盖群科技
  • 艾格立特
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  • 英迈德
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  • 童和家
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  • 全等教育
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  • 极吼
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  • 格里芬
  • 豆皮汤
  • 国投检测
  • 鱼泰芒
  • 大良造
  • 恩倍思
  • 宝宝岛
    Service items
    We combine design, strategy and technical capabilities to help our customers face changes, control risks, and bring innovation to the market through a people-oriented approach.
    Project implementation
    • 1.0 Early [business]

      1.1 Pre-communication with our brand consultant;

      1.2 Negotiate the time, place and method of meeting with you;

      1.3 Both parties respect each other's trade secrets and intellectual property rights during the communication process;

      1.4 Invite Wozhun to submit relevant design cases and charging standards;

      1.5 According to the current status of its own brand development and overall project budget;

      1.6 Formally sign a legally binding design commission agreement.

    • 2.0 Project [Form a team]

      2.1 Establish a project team, clarify design goals and directions, including design cost and time schedule;

      2.2 Market research and information collection;

      2.3 The research and evaluation results form strategic recommendations;

      2.4 The project team carries out specific and in-depth design work;

      2.5 Internal proposal of the project team to ensure the correct design direction;

      2.6 Formal proposal Wozhun will show you the first idea work;

      2.7 Carry out more in-depth design extension;

      2.8 Submit the final design results.

    • 3.0 Brand Maintenance

      3.1 The project director serves as the project execution consultant to ensure the perfect introduction and execution of the design;

      3.2 The brand consultant checks and evaluates the design implementation, so that the brand gets unlimited and sustainable growth momentum.

    • 4.0 Brand spirit

      4.1 Persevering in the field of brand strategy and commercial design, and constantly seeking innovative and developing business models;

      4.2 Innovative value sharing, Wozhun always exists to seek happiness and truth;

      4.3 Be a professional and respectable institution;

      4.4 Aiming at the sustainable growth of customer brand value, professional belief is reflected in every detail of the work, and worthy of every customer's investment;

      4.5 Wozhun will not use any reason or method to do any behavior that harms the legitimate interests of partners, customers and suppliers.

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